3.26 Online Publication.

This was a project I did that took my Tinker Book in a new direction and medium. I made this with the thought that it would be more of an online magazine promoting the 3.26 Pop-Up shop, as well as be something that people could enjoy if they missed out on snagging the exclusive book at the event. It contains all the same information about Tinker and the history of his designs, as well as some bonus content to give it more of a magazine feel. I also explored some different layout styles that I wasn’t able to explore within my artist catalog.


Delta Nine Case Study.

This was a case study that I completed to show case my whole design process for my theoretical company, Delta Nine. I touch on everything thing from initial sketching, 3 identity concepts, why I made education play such a large role in my designs, and included my nice product shots I took of my final mocked up boxes and sticker.



EZ Money Budget App.

This was a project I designed to be an app for the iPhone. I was tasked with creating a unique concept for an app and using the Apple design guidelines to create an app that was designed to improve the users life while also respecting their time of use. That was one thing we really touched on: an app not only needs to benefit the user but it needs to respect the users time.

In the modern age, we spend so much time starting at screens. Netflix and YouTube auto play the next video or show, our social media timelines are constantly updating and never ending. Everything is designed to keep you constantly engaged. So I designed my app to link to the bank account of users so that they aren’t constantly having to input information to track their spending, so even when they aren’t physically using the app, its still hard at work tracking their spendings and savings.



Boondock Saints Title Sequence.

For this project I wanted to take the title sequence in a slightly different direction then the original. The original started us off right away by jumping into the beginning scenes and mixing in the introductions of people involved in the movie in-between scenes. My direction starts you off by dropping hints of things that go on throughout the movie through suggestive images and scenes. I also selected music and typography that supported the feeling of the movie.



Stellar Performance Logo.

This was a recent freelance project that I completed. Nick and Austin are college students at Iowa State University who wanted to start their own weight lifting and fitness training program, and they came to me to create their logo. They didn’t know exactly what they needed but they wanted their logo to reflect something simple and clean. I also thought that it needed to maintain an athletic feel within the design so that when people saw the logo thats what they would instantly associate their brand with.

With a tight budget and short time frame to come up with some concepts I really needed to work efficiently. In the end, I created them some mockups for a t-shirt and hat since I knew that was something they wanted to use their logo for. It’s one thing to see the logo standing alone but its another to see it applied so that the clients vision is actually being brought to life through the use of a mockup.