Guthrie Theater Rebrand.

This was a very unique opportunity presented to me. For one of my final school projects we worked closely with Little & Co, who did the actual re-brand for the Guthrie Theater, but we were presented with the “what if?”. What if we were presented this opportunity held with no requirements, what would we design?

We were presented with a brand platform with a few things that the Guthrie wanted to be present and expressed through our design. We also researched collaboratively as a class into what other theaters were doing and then moved into our own designs from there.

Bold typography, inviting colors, and open layouts all come together to create a fresh sophisticated feel to the new Guthrie identity. The brand overall is now more inviting and will elevate the theater to the world-class level that the Guthrie is striving for and continue to inspire reflection and human connections.

We were also tasked with creating a new identity for the child element within the brand identity, the Dowling Studio (also known as Level Nine). I took this in a more bold and provocative direction using bright colors and a typeface with a little more attitude and funk compared to its parent element.